Debut Album of young Ukrainian Kateryna Avdysh in Jazz: Support this project!

By André Cunha Leal, on 20.12.2023

Lisbon - Within the effervescent and multicultural Lisbon scene, the young Ukrainian singer and songwriter, Kateryna Avdysh, who has found a new home in Portugal, seeks to spread her art around the world with a unique musical fusion. She is a vibrant, innovative artist, and above all, a fearless woman, ready to dream and face the challenges of this journey that is life. With energy and creative audacity, Kateryna has launched a crowdfunding campaign to produce her debut album, a project that promises to be a milestone in her career.

About Kateryna Avdysh

Since the beginning of her journey at 19 years old, Kateryna has stood out in the music scene. By creating her own project, she quickly gathered the best musicians from Kyiv to perform at the Caribbean Club Concert Hall, one of the most renowned jazz stages in the Ukrainian capital. Before moving to Portugal due to the war, the singer had already established herself as a leading soloist in major bands both in Ukraine and internationally.

Her collaboration in the concerts at the Belém Cultural Center and the Altice Arena of Salvador Sobral, the charismatic winner of Eurovision in 2017, were decisive for consolidating her presence in the Portuguese music scene.

The AVDYSH Project

The AVDYSH project is fueled by contemporary jazz rhythms and fusion, creating an immersive experience where the expressive freedom of jazz mixes with the emotional depth of Ukrainian music. All this is presented from the perspective of an artistic form that transcends borders. With two well-received singles, "Vnochy" and "Kolysanka", the project is now preparing to take a big step forward: the release of its first album.

See below the video of the singer about the project:

The Crowdfunding Campaign

The crowdfunding will cover essential costs, such as studio recording, music video production, graphic art, mixing, mastering, promotion, as well as the physical production of CDs and vinyl, and fair payment for the collaborating musicians.

The Album

This album promises 11 tracks that tell stories and evoke emotions, with special appearances by Portuguese artists and the characteristic sound of the bandura [a Ukrainian stringed instrument]. One of the most personal tracks, "My Home", is a tribute to Kyiv, Kateryna's hometown, and is intended to be recorded on Ukrainian soil itself.

"No one can steal my dreams, my future, or my home, because 'my home' lives inside my heart".

Support and Partnerships

Kateryna is interested in discussing partnership and sponsorship opportunities, offering visibility on various platforms and the possibility of organizing exclusive concerts with the band.

We at ProART are happy to be able to contribute to this decisive moment for an artist who, despite the challenges faced, continues to spread, with talent and vigor, Ukrainian culture around the world, and inviting everyone to be part of this story.

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